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We believe God is limitlessly generous and it is a privilege to be in keeping with his nature and have the freedom to give back to him who has provided for us in all ways. We choose one of the ways of thanksgiving to be with our finances, both as individuals and as a whole church.

We believe, as a church, that God provides for what he’s doing, so his arm is not too short to bless and neither is ours.

Generosity, at whatever level, reminds us that as we give, that God provides for us, that we live by faith in him and nothing else, that we are free from the love of money and can give freely with the love of God. Giving is a starting place for generosity as a lifestyle – our first fruits provided by his hand are always his and our actions reveal our heart.

We invest what God provides through faith based giving into the church, in the form of sustaining ministers, ministries and those beyond us. Debt is an inability to honour our payments and we do not see this as God’s way as he is an abundantly generous God.

Generosity is always about the heart. Our hands and the resource provide the way and opportunity that we define as giving.

We invite you to join us in our giving and in building a culture of Generosity, not for what we can get but because of what we have already been given.


The starting Point – the minimum financial generosity we are given as a guide,

a starting place for one aspect of a fully given life.


The over and above – Extravagance that represents our God, his abundance and

overflowing nature.

Beyond Us

Unconditional in Everyway – The selfless giving, as an extension of the gospel, to those we do not know and will not benefit us. Loving others beyond us.

Once off giving

Ownership of an event, building or situation. Moved by God.


Tithes facilitates His ministry and ministers in the church, as well as the legally required administration of a church in Australia.


Offering facilitates the operation, maintenance and payment for facilities that we meet in.

Beyond Us

As a church we give 10% of all that comes in beyond us.

From tithes, 10% goes to our charity arm  – the outworking of the church as a whole has affect on the local and global community.

From offerings, 10% goes to our future – the legacy of those who have served the church, the current relationships and partnerships we have that bless our community and the avenue to bless their community.


You can give easily and securely via bank transfer or credit card.

Credit Card


Bank Transfer:

A/c name: Coastlands

Bank: ANZ

BSB: 015 236

Acct: 488441108

(pls add reason for amount, eg tithe)

If you have any enquiries, please Contact Us